Unleashing the Full Potential

Coinweb distinguishes itself by revolutionising blockchain technology through detached proof mechanisms, enabling groundbreaking interoperability, powerful dApps, and unified cross-blockchain data.

The Essence of the Problem

Commonly, various blockchain components rely on costly distributed consensus mechanisms to validate information, despite more effective alternatives, resulting in critical design flaws leading to issues like high gas fees, vulnerabilities, fragmented liquidity, and suboptimal interoperability—posing the most significant barrier to realising blockchain’s complete potential.

Coinweb’s Unique Solution

Unlike isolated solutions such as ZK- and optimistic rollups that enhance computation on a specfic chain, Coinweb uniquely extends this principle to enable unparalleled interoperability among independent L1 blockchains using a detached proof mechanism. The resulting transformative impact includes:


Key Features

Unlock the full potential of blockchain technology with our array of pioneering features designed to elevate user experiences, enhance efficiency, and foster seamless interactions. Embark on a journey into the future as we chart a path towards a more interconnected and efficient blockchain ecosystem.


Batching transactions in our layer 2 helps save on gas fees by up to 90% and scales connected blockchain’s Max TPS up to 10x by reducing the impact of individual transactions processed on the L1. Computational scaling is enabled by the parallel execution of smart contracts.


Coinweb’s consensus-free interoperability takes cross-chain operations to the next level, ensuring consistency and determinism; eliminating security concerns, data availability limitations, and removing unnecessary overhead.

Blockchain Routing

Our routing system helps future-proof dApps by monitoring the conditions of the underlying chain. If KPIs are not met, it switches to another chain, ensuring guaranteed liveness of the application and a friction-free experience for users.

Reactive Smart Contracts

Our Reactive Smart Contracts have self-paying wallets, which can monitor, move, act, process, and sync data between blockchains without external payments. These actions can be composed to perform complex actions such as cross-chain payment monitoring.

Unified Development

Using WASM, we allow developers to create dApps using familiar languages like JavaScript, Python, Rust and 40 more languages. This makes dApps more compatible with common devices and applications as well as opening the door for more developers to participate.

Gas Fee Abstraction

Gas Fee Abstraction removes the complexity of paying fees across multiple chains. No need for users to hold L1 or L2 native tokens to use the dApp. They simply need to hold the dApp’s own token to operate the dApp. This helps minimize obstacles as well as save on transaction fees.

Key Data

As you explore our key data, gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic and impactful world we’re shaping through the power of our platform.


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Easy Adoption for Developers

Coinweb is dedicated to simplifying blockchain technology adoption for developers. Dive into how our streamlined solutions and unique features pave the way for effortless integration and development across diverse blockchain ecosystems.


Experience remarkable savings of up to 90% on Gas Fees for your dApp and it’s users through Coinweb’s Protocol.


Coinweb’s consensus-free interoperability guarantees consistency and eradicates security concerns found in other solutions.

Blockchain Routing

Launch dApps as a blockchain-agnostic application using Coinweb, eliminating the risk of being tethered to a single chain.