Reshaping tokenisation – our solutions in interoperability, routing systems and future-proofing empower tokenisation with enhanced capabilities, efficiency, and accessibility, laying the foundation for a new era of tokenisation across various assets and industries.

Use Cases

Real World Assets

Tokenising RWAs on a single chain comes with lots of risk, which includes downtime, chain failure, spikes in gas fees. Coinweb’s Reactive Smart Contracts and Routing System eliminate these risks by seamlessly moving the assets to a more optimal chain when needed, future-proofing the on-chain assets.

Fractionalised Art

Fractionalising art has become a popular way for retailers to invest in the most popular art pieces. For this to become attractive to Web2 retailers having to hold a separate token for gas fees when transferring the art-bound token becomes a major obstacle. Our Gas Fee Abstractions removes the need for Gas token.

Security Token Offerings

Security tokens tied to equity or ownership of other securities are gaining popularity. To facilitate decentralised trading at a big scale, highly scalable blockchains are required. Coinweb batches transactions in its L2, which horizontally scales existing blockchains by up to 10 times the current Max TPS.

Commodity Tokenisation

Tokens representing physical commodities like precious metals or oil as digital tokens on the blockchain requires deep liquidity through seamless cross-chain operations for increased adoption. Our consensus-free interoperability enables the trading of tokenised assets on multiple chains in the most secure way.

Intellectual Property

Streamlining the management and trading of intellectual properties through tokenisation still requires a fair bit of manual work. Coinweb’s Reactive Smart Contracts have self-paying wallets that can automate payments of royalties based on events on multiple chains without the need of manual input.

Tokenised Funds

Transforming investment funds into digital tokens on a blockchain can today be limited by the developer resources existing within blockchain-specific programming languages. Using WASM, Coinweb opens up for development in 40+ languages including JavaScript, Python, C++ and more.

Gateway to Cross-Chain Tokenisation

Cross-chain tokenisation facilitates the representation of assets or values across various blockchain networks, promoting interoperability and unlocking new possibilities. A must for tokenisation to reach mass adoption.


Gas fee spikes, outages and general chain failures are plaguing projects looking to tokenise assets using blockchain tech.


Coinweb’s Blockchain Routing System enables tokenised assets to autonomously move across different blockchains based on KPIs.


Tokenised assets are no longer bound to the performance of the blockchain they are issued on, future-proofing those assets.

Additional Resources

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