Coinweb’s innovations in gas fee abstraction, scalability, and blockchain routing improve the Web3 gaming experience, bridging the gap to Web2 gaming. We support seamless developer integration with the most common languages through WASM.

Use Cases

Tokenised Economy

Coinweb simplifies the tokenisation of game economies by addressing challenges like poor UX, where players need to manage L1/L2 native tokens for gas. Our Gas Fee Abstraction allows for transacting using only the native tokens of the game, creating a significant leap towards attracting Web2 users.

In-Game NFTs

Utilising NFTs for elements such as characters, skins, rewards, and collectibles within gaming platforms cultivates a decentralised environment governed by immutable protocols. This approach enables developers to create a unique digital identity for in-game assets.

In-Game Marketplace

Incorporate a decentralised marketplace in gaming realms for secure and transparent trading of NFT-based in-game assets. This helps build a fluid asset exchange, augmenting economic dynamism within the game while safeguarding asset authenticity.

On-Chain Games

Create blockchain-based strategy games fostering decentralised tokenomics and decision-making, encouraging transparent and fair gameplay. Amplify gameplay complexity and security, and empower players with asset control, enhancing immersion and participation.

Crypto Collectibles

Develop games centred on crypto-asset trading, utilising blockchain to guarantee the authenticity of collectibles. This approach fosters a vibrant trading market and community collaboration, enhancing gameplay and offering potentially lucrative investment opportunities for players.

Cross-Chain Profiling

Cross-chain profiling enables a unified reputation score drawn from activities across various blockchains, enhancing user trust and community cohesion. Seamless transitions and recognitions between platforms, for a dynamic gaming experience and promoting sustained, positive engagement.

Gateway to Cross-Chain Games

The evolution of cross-chain Web3 games has the potential to redefine the gaming industry by seamlessly connecting diverse blockchain ecosystems, creating a new era of decentralised and immersive gaming experiences.


Web3 Gaming communities are scattered between different ecosystems and complex UX is hindering e-sport gamers to enter Web3.


Coinweb’s consensus-free interoperability allows games to target multiple ecosystem and our gas fee abstractions removes complex UX.


Launch games on multiple chains as if they were one with a UX that is comparable with that of Web2 Games.

Additional Resources

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Unified Development

Explore Coinweb's use of WASM, unlocking dApp development in over 40 languages, including JS & Python.