DEX (Decentralised Exchanges)


(Decentralised Exchanges)

DEXs can reach their full potential through Coinweb’s Gas Fee Abstraction, cross-chain liquidity, scaling, and consensus-less interoperability, enabling more efficient, cost-effective, and seamless trading across multiple blockchains.

Use Cases

Automated Market Makers

Implement algorithms that establish token prices based on a mathematical formula, fostering a dynamic and efficient market environment for the transparent and fair trading of cryptocurrencies.

Liquidity Pools

Utilise pools of tokens secured in smart contracts to facilitate trading by providing liquidity, promoting a seamless and efficient trading environment in the crypto space.

Swapping Protocols

Incorporate protocols that facilitate the direct exchange of one cryptocurrency for another without the need for a centralised intermediary, fostering efficiency and transparency in asset exchanges.

On-Chain Order Books

Utilise blockchain technology to record orders transparently and immutably, fostering an environment of trust and efficiency in the crypto trading space.

Cross-Chain DEX

Implement exchanges that facilitate the trading of assets across various blockchains, fostering a more interconnected and seamless trading environment in the crypto space.

Yield Aggregators

Employ platforms that automate yield farming strategies, assisting users in optimising returns and fostering a more efficient and lucrative investment environment.

Gateway to Cross-Chain DEX

Decentralized services powering hybrid smart contract use cases across a wide-variety of industries. Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut necessitatibus saepe eveniet, ut et voluptates


Experience remarkable savings of up to 90% on Gas Fees for your dApp and it’s users through Coinweb’s Protocol.


Coinweb’s consensus-free interoperability guarantees consistency and eradicates security concerns found in other solutions.


Launch dApps as a blockchain-agnostic application using Coinweb, eliminating the risk of being tethered to a single chain.

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