DeFi (Decentralised Finance)


(Decentralised Finance)

Coinweb is revolutionising DeFi by addressing critical challenges. Our innovations in scalability, interoperability, and routing systems empower DeFi dApps with enhanced capabilities and liquidity, paving the way for a new era of innovation and accessibility.

Use Cases

Lending & Borrowing

Coinweb’s consensus-free interoperability and Reactive Smart Contracts allows lending and borrowing dApps to revolutionise DeFi, enabling borrowing and lending across multiple blockchains, breaking liquidity barriers, and diversifying asset options.

Yield Farming

Implement strategies to maximise capital returns by leveraging various DeFi protocols. This approach facilitates an optimised financial environment, enhancing investment opportunities and fostering growth in the crypto space.


Coinweb allows the issuance of blockchain-agnostic stablecoins that can transition between chains during outages, gas fee shifts, or downtime using our routing system. With our Gas Fee Abstraction, users do not need to hold L1/L2 native tokens for gas fees.


Leverage blockchain technology in insurance platforms to offer transparent and secure policies. This innovation fosters a reliable and streamlined insurance sector, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

Asset Management

Tools and platforms dedicated to the management of investments in the crypto space, including decentralised asset management protocols.

Synthetic Assets

Platforms that create tokens representing real-world assets, enabling decentralised trading of these assets.

The Future of DeFi

The future of DeFi will reshape conventional financial systems, offering decentralised, transparent, and accessible financial services worldwide, thereby promoting financial inclusivity and innovation.


Scarce liquidity, fluctuating gas fees, and risk of chain failures is hindering DeFi from reaching its full potential.


Coinweb’s dynamic routing and reactive smart contracts makes DeFi incentives programmable and seamless.


Enhanced liquidity, more certain execution, and a more secure DeFi experience leveraging multiple chains.

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