Multichain Token Platform

Coinweb adds new and exciting features to major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin. The platform introduces cross-chain tokens, smart contracts and DEX, all while Coinweb's decententralized name system vastly improves the user experience.

Crypto as Easy as Email

Blockchain technology belongs to everyone, not just the geeks. Coinweb is designed to make digital tokens easy to relate to, safe to use, and not so scary.
Human Addresses Every Coinweb user gets a wallet with the name of their choice. Just like a domain name.
Simplified Development Developers can quickly and easily integrate existing infrastructure with Coinweb’s smart contracts and the decentralized exchange.
ICO Incubator Our incubator team assists quality projects with the entire process of tokenizing your business.

Token Distribution

Private presale available,
please contact

Coinweb Team

  • Jan-Petter Janssen
    Founder, CEO, Chief Platform Architect Former Community Director and developer at the platform Counterparty. Education and background in finance, specifically in algorithms and trading platforms.
  • Knut Arne Vinger
    Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer Education and background in AI, deep coding and technical architecture
    NASA/DoD Conference on Evolvable Hardware
    European Simulation Conference
  • Toby Gilbert
    Partner, Founder of ICO Incubator Responsible for numerous tech start-ups. Has a strong network that will be benefit the project.
  • Pancho Vanhees
    Co-founder, Investor Relations Prop Trader with more as 20 years experience and soon launching his multi-strategy hedge fund. Has a broad network within the target sector.
  • Alf Erik Lundgrenn
    Co-founder, Business Strategist Successful track record with a number of start-up businesses. Board member of the Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Investment Council of Latvia.
  • Lexi Willetts
    Director of Operations, ICO Incubator
  • Oleg Okhrimenko
    Development manager
  • Mykola Kharechko
    Lead Back-End Developer
  • Viktoriia Zhoglo
    Design Manager
  • Egor Kosten
    Graphic Designer
  • Andrey Petrenko
    Graphic Designer
  • Aleksey Melnikov
    Front-End Developer
  • Ivan Hreskiv
    Back-End Developer


Lite April 15, 2018
Silver June 2018
Gold Q4 2018
Platinum Q2 2019
  • Lite April 20, 2018 - Tokens/DEX
  • - Litecoin chain
  • 90% Human Readable Address
  • 90% Support for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum addresses
  • 70% Virtual Machine for Smart Contracts
  • 50% Underlying Bitcoin chain
  • 0% Underlying Ethereum Chain
  • 5% Compatible Connected Layer
  • - Fully developed platform. Focus on stability and performance.
  • Lite April 20, 2018 80% Coinweb Proton
  • June 2018 10% Electrum Fork
  • 0% MyEtherWallet
  • 70% Plain JS Wallet
  • 0% HW wallet support
  • Gold Q4 2018 5% Carbon Wallet
  • 0% Encrypted Messaging
  • 0% Portfolio Service
  • Platinum Q2 2019 1% Coinweb in Major Wallets
  • 0% Retail Support
  • 0% Third Party System Integration
Business & Promotion
  • Lite April 20, 2018 50% ICO Incubator London
  • 0% Meetup groups in major cities
  • 0% XCO listed on exchanges
  • Silver June 2018 0% ICO Incubator Tel Aviv
  • 0% ICO Incubator Singapore
  • Gold Q4 2018 0% Coinweb Academy
  • 0% Alliances with Crypto Projects
  • Platinum Q2 2019 0% PR Campaigns for Mass Market Adoption
  • 0% Partnerships with traditional and crypto businesses
  • 0% Conferences for Developers and Developers
  • Lite April 20, 2018 25% Block Explorer
  • Silver June 2018 50% Public API
  • 5% DEX Market Maker