Blockchain, unchained.

Confused by Crypto? Baffled by Blockchain? Now you don’t have to be. Coinweb provides easy to read addresses and connects across blockchains. Coinweb makes the blockchain mainstream.

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Coinweb makes the blockchain mainstream.

Coinweb gives users easy to read addresses - similar to an email address - and allows them to exchange coins across different blockchains.

Coinweb users have easy to read and remember names, like email. The Coinweb Name System resolves these names across blockchains, as DNS does for the internet.
ICO Incubator
Our incubator team assists quality projects with the entire process of tokenizing your business.
Simplified Development
Developers can quickly and easily issue coins and integrate with Coinweb's smart contracts and the decentralized exchange.
Coinweb ICO begins July 2018

Introducing the coinweb
XCO token

Coinweb uses the XCO token to power its platform, market names and ensure a smooth running and secure network.

  • FOR SALE: 2 billion

    Max from presale and public sale combined

  • DEVELOPMENT COMPANY: 1.8 billion


  • EARLY CONTRIBUTORS: 1.8 billion


  • MINEABLE: 1.68 billion

    Max 10% mineable per year

  • AIRDROP: 0.4 billion


  • *Time-locked tokens are distributed 10% at launch and then in monthl equal installments over five years.


Coinweb makes the
blockchain mainstream.

With its XCO token, easy to read Coin-names, cross-blockchain Hyperlayer and CNS, the Coinweb platform offers a unique and powerful platform for mass adoption. And it is also available to third party developers who can use it to launch their own solutions, tokens, and smart contracts from our ICO incubator.

Our Team

Experts to meet the challenges of blockchain development and implementation on a global scale


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Our Advisory Board

Experts to meet the challenges of blockchain development and implementation on a global scale.


John Hunter Maxwell

John began his career at Rank Xerox oversaw the Far East region before serving as Director General (CEO) of the AA. He has since undertaken various board appointments, to include Prudential Banking Plc, Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Group Plc, and GrandMet (now Diageo Plc). He now serves as Chair of the Institute of Advanced Motorists and sits on the Board of London Finance & Investment Group Plc, Motor Sports Association. and The Royal Automobile Club Motor Sports Association.

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Christopher Darnell

A 10yr tenure at Microsoft saw Chris undertake senior leadership teams for strategic technology businesses in a C-level capacity, to include CFO related roles for Microsoft Cloud, Office 365, and the Xbox, among many others. Chris’ exec career spans 25+ years , with significant board of directors experience.

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Chris Blackhurst

Former Editor of The Independent and City Editor of the London Evening Standard, Chris is an award-winning journalist and served as a national newspaper columnist, presenter of Headline Interview on London Live TV and was Multi-Media Head of Business for the London Evening Standard, The Independent, i, and London Live TV. Chris is a Cambridge University law graduate and currently serving as Director of CTF Partners.

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Paul Mockapetris

Internet pioneer, who, together with Jon Postel, invented the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). MIT Draguate, he developed the first SMTP email server and proposed the DNS architecture, as well as writing the first DNS implementation. He also worked for Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the US Dept. of Defence, plus Internet-related companies including Fiberlane (now Cisco), (now OpenWave) and served as chair of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).


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Our Roadmap

Q2 2018 Test release
  • Readable addresses
  • XCO Tokens
  • Wallet for web
  • Transaction explorer
Q3 2018 Production release
  • Smart contracts
  • Hardware and offline wallet
  • DEX market
  • Public API
Q4 2018 v1.5
  • Dashboard
  • Third party wallet support
  • Encrypted messaging
  • Expanded blockchain support
1H 2019 v2.0
  • Expanded wallet support
  • Portfolio service
  • Retail payment support
  • Third party integration

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You'll find us here


  • London
  • 22nd June
  • 14.00

Blockchain Expo Europe

  • RAI, Amsterdam
  • 27-28th June
  • --.--

The Europas

  • London
  • 3rd July
  • --.--

London Fintech Week

  • London
  • 6-13th July
  • --.--

Korea Blockchain Week

  • Seoul
  • 6-13th July
  • --.--

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Every Coinweb user gets a multi-coin wallet with the name of their choice. Just like a domain name.
Coinweb Incubator
Our incubator team assists quality projects with the entire process of tokenizing your business.
Simplified Development
Developers can quickly and easily integrate existing infrastructure with Coinweb's smart contracts and the decentralized exchange.