Cross-Chain Computation Platform

Coinweb fixes blockchain’s biggest problems. We’re making usable blockchain technology that’s more collaborative, better connected, and accessible for everyone.

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How it works

We're bringing blockchain together

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is spread across multiple different blockchains and systems. Coinweb is unifying blockchains, closing the gaps between solutions and integrating new technical advancements to the space. In short: it’s a secure, fast, reliable, connected solution to the biggest issues facing blockchain today. And it all runs on Coinweb’s Inchain architecture.

  • Blockchain 1


  • Blockchain 2

    Cross ecosystem queries
    Blockchain data index

  • Blockchain 3

    High performance

  • Blockchain 4

    Crypto ecosystem
    Smart contract

  • Blockchain 5

    High performance

How it's different

  • Unique strong coupling of blockchains

    Coinweb’s approach allows a high degree of interoperability, enabling applications to utilize properties, functionality, and information from multiple chains — with fewer tradeoffs.

  • Uniform deployment across all blockchains

    Coinweb uses the WebAssembly runtime environment, which allows programmers to continue using a programming language and toolchain they’re already familiar with.

  • Parallel execution of smart contracts

    Coinweb stands to be the blockchain technology to enable mainstream adoption. Our computation model scales horizontally, reducing bottlenecks in smart contract code execution.

  • Secure indexing of blockchain data

    Coinweb ensures easy, cryptographically-secure merging of information between blockchains, allowing dApps to use the merged information in smart contracts without compromising security.

  • Reactive smart contracts

    Coinweb allows multichain dApps to respond to events on the underlying chains and react to any other smart contract’s data in real time.

What Coinweb can do

  • Cross-chain token issuance

    Cross-chain token issuance

    Keep transactions (and actions) fast, secure, and liquid without additional steps or repeat movements across multiple blockchains.

    • Blockchain-agnostic tokens that can easily move between chains, that allow easy migration of projects from one chain to another.
    • Enables cross-chain fundraising, DAO, multi-chain dividend tokens, and more.
    • Eases integration of multiple chains into one dApp.
    • Cross-chain NFTs and NFT markets.
  • Cross-chain DeFi protocols

    Cross-chain DeFi protocols

    With the ability to create true cross-chain dApps, Coinweb solves DeFi’s persistent problems and opens new and more advanced DeFi protocols.

    • Increased liquidity for dApps spanning a multitude of blockchains and platforms.
    • More flexibility and increased solution space for DeFi protocols.
    • No need to be locked into a specific blockchain.
  • High performance, adaptive dApps

    High performance, adaptive dApps

    No matter how slow individual blockchains update, Coinweb allows dApps to easily move between chains to maintain optimal functionality.

    • dApps can readily migrate from one chain to another if a chain becomes too slow or expensive.
    • dApps can be deployed within the same framework on different underlying chains.
    • dApps can access and extend their functionality by adding chains, or move to a new chain with different properties and functionality.
  • High performance, low fee dApps

    High performance, low fee dApps

    dApps continue to become more complex, which means higher operational fees. The demand for low cost, high performance decentralized computation is increasing.

    • Becomes a host for cryptographic innovation: competitive computational resources, and the ability to run system languages such C or Rust, eases the integration of experimental ideas.
    • Offers further innovation and new use cases, while ensuring existing dApps can be implemented in a more effective manner.
    • Allows more existing centralized infrastructure to transition to decentralization.
  • Secure interoperability

    Secure interoperability

    Coinweb’s causal consistency model secures the protocol against instabilities in connected chains, while still maintaining full usability at the application level.

    • Allows developers to access a broader set of chains in their project with minimum security tradeoffs.
    • Minimizes cost of blockchain interaction—even for experimental or potentially unstable chains.
    • Lowers the bootstrapping threshold for new chains, supporting increased innovation for blockchain technology.
  • High capacity smart contracts

    High capacity smart contracts

    dApp platforms tie the performance of dApps to how often dApps are used, causing bottlenecks and increasing the risk of higher costs. In Coinweb, every transaction runs in parallel, even if triggered by the same smart-contract.

    • Single smart contracts won’t become execution bottlenecks—even if used by most of the network simultaneously.
    • An increase in usage of one dApp will not affect the performance of other dApps.
    • Makes dApp performance more predictable.
    • Reduces risk for traditional businesses.
  • The Coinweb digital wallet

    The Coinweb digital wallet

    A simple, intuitive digital wallet for everyone. The Coinweb digital wallet proves the Coinweb technology, and makes the architecture accessible to everyone.

    • Simple naming system mapping down to underlying hash addresses.
    • Design, issue, store and send your own tokens.
    • Trade tokens using integrated traditional banking options including Visa, Mastercard, Swift, Sepa and more.
    • Buy, store, and send major crypto pairs.
    • View account activity within the wallet.

We're on our way

  • Complete

    Working code

    - Cross-chain broadcasting and routing system
    - Block explorer V1
    - Redundant embeddings V1
    - Claims V2
    - L1 API / Reactive computations
    - Non-custodial staking
    - Cross-chain tokenisation issuance
    - E-wallet framework
    - 2 managed customers live built on top of the platform
    - Connected to 8 blockchains: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum main chain, Elrond, Binance (BNB) and Polygon

  • Complete

    Other achievements

    - Lithuanian & Polish VASP licenses acquired
    - Executed agreement to leverage all of OnRamp's regulatory licenses and - fiat rails
    - Team of 140 people secured including 50+ in-house developers
    - Launched token on no less than 6 public exchanges
    - Built community of no less than 100,000 members in multiple languages
    - Executed agreement with house hold name brand to build their loyalty wallet, cross-chain token and advise on smart contract frameworks

  • Q4 2022

    Working code & other

    - Coinweb wallet with fully integrated fiat rails, KYC, tokenisation etc
    - Cross-chain tokenisation platform V1
    - Multi-tenancy wallets
    - Simple DEX
    - Liquidity pools (alpha)
    - Cross-chain routing implementation V2
    - Connection to a min of 2 more blockchains
    - Cluster computation V1
    - Launch customer product
    - Executed agreement with a min of 2 more managed customers
    - Hire no less than 10 further developers

  • H1 2023

    Technology roll-out

    - Cross-chain tokenisation platform V2
    - Liquidity pools (beta)
    - Cluster computation V2
    - Block explorer V2
    - Dev tools, SDK for block computations
    - Simple CEX
    - Refereed computation V1
    - Bridging tools for cross-chain tokens, swaps, AMMs etc
    - No less than 20 further managed customers delivering a min of 1m unique users
    - Launch on further Tier 1 and smaller country-specific public exchanges
    - Connect the platform to a minimum of 1 new blockchain per month

  • H2 2023


    - Public Mainnet
    - Dev tools, SDK V2
    - Bridging tools for cross-chain tokens, swaps, AMMs etc V2
    - Claims V3 (more advanced)
    - Data parallel smart contracts
    - Turing complete contracts
    - Client gossip network
    - Templates for power users
    - Coinweb web interaction
    - Refereed computation V2
    - Parallel execution of smart contracts
    - Cross-chain erasure coded transactions
    - Cross-chain smart contracts
    - Connect platform to a minimum of 1 new blockchain per month

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  • $ 286 M Transaction value
  • 3,664,358 Transactions to date
  • 2 Project integrations
  • 7 Available networks
  • 222 M Tokens staked


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