• John Hunter Maxwell

    John Hunter Maxwell

    Executive Chairman

    John has served as CEO of the Provincial Group Plc, BPB Industries Plc and the Automobile Association Plc. He has sat on the boards of Diageo, Exeter Bank, FIA World Council, Alliance & Leicester Building Society, The Big Food Plc, Parity Group Plc, DX Services Plc, Provident Financial Plc, Homeserve Plc, First Assist Insurance Plc, RSA Insurance Plc, London Insurance Plc and Prudential Corporation Plc where he initiated and developed the Prudential Bank (now EGG Bank).

  • Toby Gilbert

    Toby Gilbert


    Toby attended UCL and went onto focus on the tech and telco spaces. With a proven track record of founding new start ups, including having successfully invested in and exited three telecommunications companies operating in Europe, Africa and Asia, Toby invested in and led both the Blockfort and OnRamp team as well as co-founding and leading the Coinweb project since 2018.

  • Knut Arne Vinger

    Knut Arne Vinger


    A tech pioneer and early adopter of digital currencies and payment systems, Knut attended University of Oslo. His thesis on evolutionary hardware was published by NASA and the US Department of Defence. Knut developed one of the first online mobile slot machines and has worked extensively in telecommunications as CTO of Nouvel Air Group Inc. Knut is also a founder and an architect of the Blockfort and OnRamp platforms.

  • Andrew Chilcott

    Andrew Chilcott


    Andrew is a chartered accountant with a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University, Sydney. Since leaving university, he has held a number of senior accounting and CFO roles with the likes of Automotive Holdings Group, Telstra and Lloyds International. He has been investing and maintaining a keen interest in crypto projects (specifically tokenomics) since 2016.

  • Alexander Kjeldaas

    Alexander Kjeldaas

    Lead Architect

    Alexander is an experienced technical architect with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence, blockchain and security. A graduate of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with a MSc in Comp Sciences, he led a seven year tenure holding senior positions at Google and FAST. Alexander is also the founder of and Formal Privacy, developing a system for secure cloud computing using blockchain security proofs, and is the founder of Guardian Networks. Furthermore Alexander has contributed to Bitcoin in the area of thread safety.

  • Jurgen Thoelen

    Jurgen Thoelen

    Operations Director

    Having held positions such as Vice President at Siemens Telecommunications based in Munich and Head of Business Development for Nokia, North and East Europe, Russia, Turkey and Central Asia, Jurgen has always been focused on the emergence of blockchain- based technology. Jurgen joined Blockfort in 2020, driving its launch as Operations Director.

  • Valentin Lundgren

    Valentin Lundgren

    Design Director

    Valentin has a Bachelor of Industrial Design from Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan and more than 15 years of experience in visual arts, graphic design and web design. He is a former designer for the strategic design agency POND in Stockholm, where he developed brands for spirits, tobacco, and gambling companies such as Pernod Ricard, Swedish Match, and Svenska Spel. For the past six years, he has been Art Director for Portfoliobox, with a focus on UI and UX Design. Over a million websites have been created by the creative community with his designs.

  • Percy Parker

    Percy Parker

    Customer Director

    A renowned fashion designer throughout the 90s and 00s, Percy pivoted to building an offshore company structuring and advisory firm in Dubai, where the ever- growing difficulties in traditional banking led to him looking for a digital asset platform solution. He joined the Coinweb team at the beginning of 2018 to head up partnerships brought in from his extensive network.

  • Alejandro Pallares

    Alejandro Pallares

    Lead Developer

    Having studied at the University of Granada, Spain with a degree in Computer Sciences, Alejandro completed further education in IT at TU Darmstadt, Germany; Machine Learning, Game Theory, and Cryptography at Coursera run by Stanford University, Quantum Computation at the University of California; and Internet History, Technology, and Security at the University of Michigan. After his studies, he worked as a developer at, developed his own Tor-hosted Bitcoin mixer, TxOcean, and created a Haskell Bitcoin library. He has been the lead developer at Coinweb since 2018.