Press Release

Morningstar Ventures becomes strategic partner with Coinweb

December 10, 2021
Press Release
Morningstar Ventures becomes strategic partner with Coinweb

Dubai-based Morningstar Ventures partners with Coinweb’s bleeding-edge cross-chain computation focused technology

(Hong Kong, 10 December) announces another Strategic Partnership with Morningstar Ventures – an investment firm focused on digital assets and blockchain technology.

Morningstar Ventures has been actively deploying capital and supporting early-stage teams since its founding. Primarily investing in early-stage token and equity rounds of digital assets and blockchain, the team has spread its portfolio out across the broader technology landscape and are also operating a number of in-house blockchain projects.

“Real-world customers, revenue streams and 4000-6000 transactions per day: with these numbers, Coinweb’s proof-of-concept can be clearly labelled a success. We are looking forward to further witnessing the team’s traction and specific approach in creating connectivity and L2 interoperability between different blockchains for mass adoption. We believe that Coinweb is well-positioned to become an industry leader for this,” said Danilo S. Carlucci, CIO of Morningstar Ventures

Coinweb’s CEO Toby Gilbert, said, “We are delighted to welcome Morningstar Ventures on board as one of our partners. There is always a sense of achievement when a group with the reputation and experience of Morningstars’ believes in our core mission and approach. Coinweb continues to work on what we believe is delivering for the future of blockchain technology.”

About Morningstar Ventures: 

Morningstar Ventures is an investment firm backing ambitious ideas by early-stage founders. Based in Dubai, Morningstar Ventures focuses primarily on the blockchain and digital assets space and is led by Chief Investment Officer Danilo S. Carlucci. The firm is active in both token investments and equity investments and has a particularly strong focus on the Elrond ecosystem.

About Coinweb: is a layer-2 cross-chain computation platform that began its journey in mid-2017. With an impressive line-up of team members and a board of advisors from the worlds of traditional technology, business and blockchain, Coinweb believes they are solving some of the most critical problems that exist within distributed ledger technology today. 


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