Senior Full Stack Developer

January 12, 2022

Our mission

Coinweb is on a mission to solve blockchain’s biggest problems. We’re making usable blockchain technology that’s more collaborative, better connected, and accessible for everyone. We have a diverse and international team with offices in London, Bangkok, Kyiv, and Barcelona.

For development of the Coinweb wallet and auxiliary supportive functionality, we are looking for Senior Full Stack developers

For this position, the development will be done in Typescript and ReactJS. The Coinweb core is developed in Rust.
The candidates will be responsible for further development and improvement of the Coinweb wallet and auxiliary applications in collaboration with the Coinweb core team. The focus will be on frontend development, but it is expected that the candidates will be able to create supportive functions on the backend such as a GraphQL proxy support front end. DevOps knowledge is a plus. You build it, you run it.

For these positions, we are seeking experienced senior developers with a strong practical background. You need to enjoy working fast and independently and get the job done. We will drive the development of hybrid computing systems where computations happen both on server and client, so technologies such as WebAssembly and real-time communications are good to know. The candidates can integrate a WebAssembly module written in Rust, into a frontend blindfolded.


  • Strong experience with Typescript
  • Strong experience with ReactJS
  • Experience with GraphQL
  • Experience with NodeJS
  • Ability to create rich user experiences using animated components or WebGL, CSS, and requestAnimationFrame
  • Experience with UIs that consume real-time data, WebSockets, WebRTC Data
  • Channels, and similar is a plus
  • Experience with WebAssembly is a plus
  • Analytical skills
  • Strong command of English
  • Strong ability to adapt to a fast-changing environment
  • No 9-5 mentality


  • Kyiv and Barcelona are the preferred options
  • Bangkok is also an option
  • Partial remote work is an option
  • Relocation is an option


  • Subject to experience and qualifications
  • Performance-related bonuses

Apply to us

Email us your CV and add the position as subject.
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