Our Mission

Millions use blockchain today. But billions don’t. If blockchain is to become mainstream, it has to become more powerful, easier-to-use and scalable. And that’s our mission.

We provide easy to use names for blockchain

The DNS mapped the IP addresses used by the internet into the web addresses we use today. Our dsDNS does the same for blockchain, replacing confusing hash addresses with familiar names. And we’re building it with Paul Mockapetris, inventor of the DNS.

We’ve built a powerful system to improve all of blockchain

Our names are actually built on an innovative new platform which connects blockchains in parallel, making blockchain more powerful and more scalable for much more than just names.

We have a clear path to market adoption

With our powerful platform, businesses can bring the benefits of blockchain to their customers. We’ve signed up companies with strong track records and millions of customers to use our names and our platform, jumpstarting adoption.

We connect blockchains, in parallel

Blockchain isn’t powerful enough today. No one blockchain has everything: some are secure, but slow. And some are fast, but limited. Building a dApp means picking the blockchain with the least-worst set of trade-offs. Even then, your dApp can be left isolated from other blockchains, and dependent on the success and scale of just one.

Coinweb’s innovative platform connects multiple existing blockchains in parallel, enabling much greater power and scalability, and includes:

  • Parallel processing across blockchains, so that dApps can use the best features of different blockchains and can be combined can scale up to handle vastly more users, transactions, and data.
  • Parallel processing within transactions, so that complex transactions can be processed in parallel by a cluster, removing the limits of current blockchains and without requiring expensive, high end nodes.
  • A fully extensible system, so that the community can safely and securely build on the platform for even greater gains for blockchain.

We’ve got the experience.

We’ve done it before and we know what it takes. We’ve designed and delivered products which are used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world, such as Bitcoin, Excel, Word, Google, the Internet DNS and the blockchain itself. And we’re looking forward to making more major contributions to blockchain.