Meet Toby, our CEO

What got you passionate about tech?

Tech has always been part of my businesses, as well as anything that I have ever invested in, which I’ve obviously significantly appreciated. With Coinweb, there was a clear void and pain point that we believe we can solve, and I’m passionate about that. 

What was your most memorable project?

Building the international voice gateway in Chad, in central Africa, where we controlled all the inbound and outbound voice for the entire country. That involved local technical setups, interconnecting to mobile operators all around the world including satellite links out of the UK.

Why Coinweb?

I was introduced to Coinweb by my business partner, Knut Vinger, whom I had worked with for many years in Telecoms. He was one of the early blockchain adopters from the days of E-Gold, which was pre Bitcoin, and I have a huge amount of respect for him. He said it was one of the most exciting projects he had seen. Not only did he get me excited about the project, but also about the space and its future and I became obsessed about it! 

We’re building the namespace for the blockchain to do what the DNS did for the internet. We’re very focused on adoption which is a different approach from what else we see in the market. It’s why we are so excited. 

What does success look like?

Success looks like millions of people using our names and launching/building their own projects off our platform within a few years of our launch. 

What’s something surprising about you?

Maybe you should ask my wife! Some people are surprised that I am 6’4”…