Meet Knut, our Chief Scientist

What got you passionate about tech?

I borrowed a Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer from a friend which was one of the first home computers. It had 48K of memory and built-in BASIC with the keywords printed on the keyboard. The first day I used it to play games, but then I became curious about what those words on the keyboard were for. The next two weeks I did not go to school but instead stayed at home learning programming. Eventually, I had to go back to school but by then I was already hooked on programming!

What was your most memorable project?

I made the first real-money slot-machine for mobile phones, like the Nokia Series 40. They had no built- in encryption and very limited memory so I had to build the protocol for transmission of credit card data. 

Why Coinweb?

When I started with Coinweb I saw an opportunity to take part in improving on some very important issues that are currently limiting the adoption of blockchain. This is interesting for me, as I think that this technology has the potential to make a large positive impact.

What area are you focused on?

I focus on the core crypto and architecture, along with Alexander. Mike and I also work together on the product strategy. 

What does success look like?

To me, success means to achieve the goals one is trying to reach. If reaching that goal is benefiting others, I believe that success is even more valuable. I would love to see our platform and names in wide use!

What’s something surprising about you?

That is a difficult question to answer! One thing that surprised me was when I took a DNA test and found out that I am 3.2 % neanderthal, which a higher percentage than 99% of the population!